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We all have to leave our pets behind from time to time. One of the most difficult decisions that pet guardians have is deciding WHO to trust with their loved ones and their home while away.


The first time we left Onyx, our special needs kitty, turned out to be a devastating experience. We left Onyx in the trust of a sitter who failed to inform us that someone other than herself would care for him and be in our home. We were not given updates and left in wonder of his status. Upon coming home, he was not well because his level of care was not communicated or maintained. We were heartbroken and he was compromised.


These difficult times with Onyx revealed to us that Charleston deserves more reliable, trustworthy, capable, mature and CARING pet sitters.


Since then, we have committed ourselves to providing a pet sitting experience like none other. We strive to exceed your expectations with our Wet Nose Warm Heart Pet Sitting’s quality and personalized service standard.


Our clients know exactly who is tending to their pets and can be assured their home and furry ones are being cared for to their own standards. They get to know us and can reach us at any time, even if it is just to get peace of mind so they can enjoy their time away or provide last minute details.  In addition, we understand that pets are family members and get that families grow and change. We want to change with you!  Our philosophy is to never charge additionally for essentials like walks, administering medications, having multiple pets or if a visit is on a holiday because our focus is on the care of your animals.

After several years of success with West Ashley's finest pets, we sought out some much needed assistance from one of our first clients, Nancy.


Nancy fell in love with how we operated and what we stood for. She embodied our vision and quality standards in her own home and now serves your family with the same love. Nancy brings enthusiasm, a deep appreciation for animals and attention to detail. She gets to know each family and what their individual needs are, just as we do. She knows each family is different and each is special. 


Lisa came to us initially as a client as well. See a pattern? We found it is an effective way to bring the best quality sitters to you. Lisa cares deeply for your pets as if they were her own. She seeks out what is important to each family and provides exceptional care while keeping your family informed and at ease. Her approach to pet care is both warm and meticulous.

Zach also met us as a client! He joined our team to ensure that big dogs are showered with love and attention. Pet care and community contribution are what fulfills him. Zach is genuine and approaches animals with knowledge and confidence.

Sarah joined our team to enhance our availability and flexibility. Working with animals is a purrfect match!  Sarah is sweet, attentive and full of joy.  She connects with each family and always seeks to find whats best for them.

Give us a call or an email. We would love to get to know your family and exceed your expectations!





Here are a few other facts about us:

  • We volunteer at local animal shelters and participate in fostering 

  • 10% of our profit is donated to animal organizations

  • Each have been pet owners for over 30 years and been pet sitting for over 20 years 

  • We have training in Pet First Aid